• Upgraded Redis version
  • Organized fields on the Django admin Report page into sections
  • If a result line or lab test comes in with un-mapped lab panel codes/ lab test codes, do not auto-release
  • If a result line is created with an adulterant, don’t auto-release


  • Submit error on the prefilled signature field
  • The pool progress chart not updating when random tests are marked as complete
  • Removed the address and phone fields on the MRO report that appear below the MRO signature
  • TPA cannot add a client user without assigning them a collection site
  • Report PDF Header typo


  • QR Verification for lab reports and clearance letters
  • Hints for user import regarding notification preferences
  • Date received from the lab to the MRO Review Status table on the TPA dashboard
  • Check the match of CCF QA and lab account employer