• Beta version of the MROA report review page includes updated notes and history slide-out, access to CCF for QA directly in a modal, streamlined QA workflows, collapsible sections, and red/green highlighting to indicate what needs to be reviewed. Customized QA workflows are based on the MRO account. MRO account admins have an admin page where they can specify which fields are part of essential QA, non-negative QA, and which fields require an MFR. The CCF form is automatically trimmed down to the selected fields. Report Auto-matching: MRO account admins have the option of enabling auto-matching so that processed CCFs will automatically be matched to reports based on the specimen ID, with additional checks to ensure the correct report is matched. Report Auto-release: MRO account admins have the option of enabling auto-release, causing several QA checks to occur automatically when a CCF is matched to a report. If the report is negative and all checks pass, the report is automatically released. This also includes the option for ‘soft auto-release,’ which will automatically advance the report to the ‘ready to release’ stage without actually performing the release