• Switch to Mailgun for sending emails
  • Add date tested to POCT list & sort by it
  • Generate ReportDocument filename on the fly
  • Add delete for unreleased POCTs
  • Add request received dt to booking detail
  • Add datetime DER contacted donor to report
  • Add Reporting Dashboard



  • Use raw ID for CCF & Data Packet in Report admin to improve page loads
  • Make reporting datetimes location aware
  • Reorganize & simplify requirements
  • Update Dynacare importer file splitter
  • Open released report PDF in new tab
  • Improve importer failure handling
  • Optimize MROA dashboard-related queries



  • Fix initial email appearing in ClientUserCreate form
  • Handle Omega blank lab notes on import
  • Fix audit log missing user
  • Remove extra lines from notification email
  • Fix links on MRO Report filter pages
  • Make share page open in same window
  • Fix ccf already exists error on update
  • Fix bug previewing CCF after upload on review form