• Add the “employee id” and “date of birth” next to the employee’s name from the dropdown on the POCT create page
  • Add N/A values for the QA checks when creating a POCT test, reflect the choices in the report
  • The TPA user can see the name of the employer, that the POCT is being entered for, at the top of the page
  • Add the lab specimen ID number, as entered on the POCT form, to the donor page > On-site test table
  • When the TPA user views the “Client table”, on the client page, it has a new column that shows whether a user is a DER
  • Add a pool column to the employer > employees > employee list so that the DER can see which pool each employee is in


  • Change lot and expiration date fields, on the POCT create form, to be “not required” to save the report
  • Removed the TPA name from the pool member select dropdown, now only shows the Employer’s name
  • Updated Quest test importer to meet new file requirements
  • Removed link to pool from employer dashboard


  • The donor form DOB field is not in the correct format. Should be MM/DD/YYYY