• Ability for TPAs to recall and re-release on-site tests
  • Ability for MROs to recall and re-release lab reports
  • New TPA dashboard, which allows customising the arrangement of the page. Includes new summary widgets at the top of the page
  • Refresh button to most tables on the app, which allows refreshing a single table without refreshing the whole page


  • How lab report result panels are managed and processed. Lab result panels are now always linked to a system lab panel, and result rows are linked to a system drug / adulterant
  • User interface improvements around the create report page
  • Password update page is now more streamlined
  • Notifications page user interface improvements


  • Donor list page for employer users. This is now fully handled by the donor table on the main employer dashboard
  • Test Type, Lab Code, and Test Type admin interface for staff MRO users. This can be managed from the top level admin interface for privileged users


  • “Lab Codes” → “Lab Test Codes”
  • “Test Codes” → “Lab Panel Codes”
  • “Lab Panels” → “Lab Panel Templates”
  • “Drugs” → “System Drugs”
  • “Adulterants” → “System Adulterants”
  • “Test Types” → “System Lab Panels”