• Admins can now import/export Accounts
  • TPA users can now search and filter all of their delivered Reports at /tpa/reports/delivered
  • Added date tested column to Donor lab report table


  • Removed ordering field from released Reports page
  • TPA unassigned, undelivered result tables are now limited to 20 results each to improve performance
  • Simplified the TPA dashboard
  • Updated share email text
  • Updated Account fields to per-user dropdowns via django-filter 1.0.0


  • Fixed bug when releasing a POCT to certain account types
  • Fixed a bug with MedTox comment importing
  • Fixed a but where an unauthenticated user was seeing an error page or the account upgrade required page instead of being directed to the login page
  • Fix URL of the Dashboard link for Employer Users
  • Fixed a bug where Donor name wasn’t appearing in the TPA recently released tests table
  • Fixed a missing page redirect after sharing a Report
  • Fixed a bug when sharing a Report without a matched donor
  • Fixed a bug where a user’s email would be pre-filled in a form where it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed clearance card cut-out overlapping letter body in some casesFixed all accounts being visible on the MROA recently released reports dropdowns
  • Fixed donor business phone not appearing on MRO review page