Release 3.2.0

Feature Releases

Added Updated the lab importer for CRL – new data format Changed Updated random pool functionality Ability to track and monitor random testing Manage random pools for current or the future year Create random samples on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis Added a chart to visually assess the pool’s performance Added an option to… Read More »

Release 3.1.8

Feature Releases

Added Switch to Mailgun for sending emails Add date tested to POCT list & sort by it Generate ReportDocument filename on the fly Add delete for unreleased POCTs Add request received dt to booking detail Add datetime DER contacted donor to report Add Reporting Dashboard   Changed Use raw ID for CCF & Data Packet… Read More »

Our Terms and Conditions Have Changed

General News

Our Terms and Conditions have changed in regards to the use of anonymous test data, please review them by clicking the below link. Terms & Conditions We believe that in order to further the drug and alcohol testing industry in Canada we must first understand what the landscape looks like and part of this understanding… Read More »

Release 3.1.7

Feature Releases

Added Admins can now import/export Accounts TPA users can now search and filter all of their delivered Reports at /tpa/reports/delivered Added date tested column to Donor lab report table Changed Removed ordering field from released Reports page TPA unassigned, undelivered result tables are now limited to 20 results each to improve performance Simplified the TPA… Read More »

Release 3.1.6

Feature Releases

Features Added filtering and sorting to the MROA pending results table Added recently released results table to the TPA dashboard Added POCT, Booking, Pool Management, Agency Management, and Client Management AccountFeatures Added separate Employer Dashboard at /employer/ Tweaks Moved donor matching from the TPA dashboard to subaccount dashboards Bug Fixes Fixed bug where HTML was… Read More »

Release 3.1.5

Feature Releases

Features Add “Reset” button to Released Reports page to clear all active filters Add Parent account filter to Released Reports page Add validation to CCF update form to prevent duplicate specimen IDs Add validation to Report release to ensure that all results are confirmed Add Report import/export Tweaks Donor first/last name fields in released Reports… Read More »

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