Release 3.10.5

Added Timezone selector to time picker components Donor name links to donor detail page on donor table Fixed Users showing as inactive in client user table Some links opening in new tabs when they should open in the same tab Donor disappears from client account donor...

Release 3.10.3

Changed The default timezone on input forms will be detected from the user’s browser Moved the ‘View document’ button onto the row in the MROA document management inbox Viewing test result images show up in a modal instead of a new page Fixed Time of test sometimes...

Release 3.10.2

Fixed Tests not appearing on employer dashboard MRO signatures not appearing on reports Searching bugs in some tables Viewing test results opens a new tab

Release 3.10.1

Fixed Issue with dates not showing up properly on test result list page Issue with TPA signatures not pre-populating in on-site test creation forms