Veriport was designed as a proprietary tool to improve workflow, identify errors and issues from collection to confirmation while expediting the reporting of results to end-users.

We continuously work with our clients to improve Veriport in terms of functionality and performance.

Over 200 Canadian drug testing businesses use Veriport to run their day-to-day operations.

Veriport Account Types

Medical Review Service

Veriport was built by MROs for MROs with efficiency, ease-of-use and accountability in mind. Designed from the ground up to meet the workflows of officers and their assistants, Veriport has been shown to decrease the amount of administrative work by over 60%.

 Automatically match batch uploaded CCFs with incoming laboratory results

Upload and manage supplemental documents like prescriptions and MFRs.

 Fully DOT compliant as well as non-DOT review of urine, oral fluid and hair strand test results.

 Deliver electronic results to your clients along with instant email notifications.

 Support for multiple MROs with individual work environments.

 An review audit trail which includes call logging, review assignment, result modifications and much more.

 Reporting features that allow for easy accounting and monitoring of important business metrics to ensure your service is meeting your client’s needs

Third Party Administrators 

Never before have TPAs and CSPs been able to work seamlessly with their MRO and their clients. Gone are the clunky interfaces and multiple, unnecessary steps to deliver reports to your clients. Veriport wasn’t designed just for MROs, we knew that TPAs and CSPs would expect the same levels of workflow efficiency and user friendliness, so we designed Veriport to be just that.

 Easily manage all incoming medical review reports and electronically distribute them with ease.

 Quickly create reports for both drug and alcohol tests and send them to your clients electronically.

✔ Automatically create and send clearance certificates and cards for your client’s employees electronically.

 Set your clients up with their own login which includes instant email notifications of released reports.

 Share reports securely via email with one click of a mouse.

 Unlimited client accounts included at no additional cost.

 Manage and administrate unlimited pools and consortia.

 Customizable reports for both DOT MIS reporting as well as accounting and performance monitoring purposes.


Manage your own drug and alcohol testing programme with ease. Veriport can help you administrate your company’s drug and alcohol testing programme including both on-site and laboratory-based testing models. Interface seamlessly with your Medical Review Officer (MRO) and have them use Veriport to quickly and efficiently complete your reviews to ensure your employees are back to work as quickly as possible.

 Receive instant notifications via email from your Third Party Administrator (TPA) or Collection Service Provider (CSP) once the drug test is complete.

 Create and distribute on-site testing records with your management team.

 Maintain and easily access all of the drug and alcohol testing records for your employees.

Security and Privacy

Canadian-based servers

Redundant backup to an off-site secondary server

AES-256 bank-grade encryption of all records including uploaded documents.

Each user is granted their own login and each action is tracked and logged for auditing and accountability purposes.

Compliant with all Canadian privacy and information act and laws for data storage and sharing.